Monday, May 22, 2006

Random musings

You know, when you know the drugs you have to take to make you a little less nutbag make you a LOT more of a nutbag at first, mainly in the locked-jaw, incredibly tense, oh-dear-GOD-what-was -that-noise anxiety addled way. That, and a good dose of nausea and impressively sudden bowel urges, it's probably best not to start taking them the night before a Saturday. Particularly in our house. Particularly when the Saturday involves: - soccer - tennis - a facial - the FIRST in E.I.G.H.T. years. (My beautiful friend the beautician looked at my skin and said, "yes, your skin is very (bIG pause) stressed") - and an indoor rock climbing party for eight 6-year olds If my skin was stressed, I reckon you could have drawn electricity from the tension I was holding through my jaw. It hasn't abated, it won't for about another oh, eight days, but underneath is a quiet stream of THANK GOD - just in terms of the energy I was pouring into trying to stay even keeled for those around me, now has a bit of ballast in the form of a little white pill. ***** As briefly mentioned above, in case you missed it, I had a facial on the weekend. The first in eight years. The first once since the last one I had a week before we got married. My goodness it was enjoyable. Even with lockjaw. ***** I bought two pairs of jeans on Friday. I bought them when I had three kids in tow. The woman in the store had two kids at Felix's school. Sometimes living on the insular peninsula is excellent. I tried on a pair, they were hideous. She was all "no no no, they won't do" and came back with two other pairs. Yes there is muffin top, but my arse looks fabulous. ***** We bumped into a friend and her kids at the Mall. Did I mention how sometimes living on the insular peninsula is excellent? The kids went beserk and we just did one of those 10 minute power catch-ups. I reckon it's like crack for mothers. It was so wonderful to see her, hear her news, share mine and go our separate ways. ***** We had friends over for dinner on Friday night. Chicken pie and apple crumble. It seems to be my winter dinner specialty as I made it for another friend the week before last. The pie was sensational. ***** Oscar's language is going through a burst - it's just lovely to hear. He is also eating me out of house and home, with breakfast being a bowl of cereal, some toast, probably some of Jasper's fruit puree, a glass of milo and maybe some fruit. I'm not kidding. ***** I'm in a complete dinner slump. It's tragic. But nothing is inspiring me at all. ***** The thought of cereal with milk on it makes me gag. ***** I am feeling the urge to write slowly returning. ***** I haven't expressed breast milk since last Tuesday. I think I'm currently about a GGG cup. But MY GOODNESS it's nice not to be doing it. I didn't realise how oppressive it had become. Jasper is at 3 b/feeds a day and hasn't even noticed a change in the routine. ***** I find it bizarre that two days after I broke the breastpump I inherited from a friend and spent $100 bucks on a new one, I used it for two days before stopping expressing. ***** Let's all take a moment to bask in the glow of the property mogul I now write with...


Blogger daysgoby said...

I love how the bambinos take it all in stride and we Mommies freak right the heck out.

I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

5/22/2006 10:55:00 pm  

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