Friday, January 13, 2006

After numerous vitriolic posts about my husband, we now move to Sentiment Central...

This could come over all midday television sentiment if we're not careful. But for this, I say thank you. BTW - my recollection of the first meeting was at Julie's desk, I was preggers with Felix and you were wearing this natty grey pinafore type dress with matching jacket. PP was the around the same age as Oscar but was writing the names of the Teletubbies on a picture she had drawn on them, as well as talking about each of them in great detail. She wasn't yet two - probably around 20 months. You weren't precious about it - about the fact you had a child genius. So I naturally loved you instantly because nothing is more irritating than a pageant mum. The foodie thing also came out very quickly because Jules was/is also a food lover. Seeing you hold it together with a daughter in an unsatisfactory schooling scenario, a husband with a broken ankle, BABY T.W.I.N.S., the death of your Mum, organising a very public memorial service for her, buying a house and working in a job that was so hideous, all while still doing crosswords and engaging in riddles meant I was going to stick around you for a long time. I sort of hoped that maybe some of the stamina, the resilience, and the intelligence would rub off. So here we are. Can you all feel the love?


Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

We should SO be in bed asleep by now... I have our new/old dog as an excuse. I suppose you'll resort to that pathetic old retort about a young baby will you?

1/13/2006 11:48:00 pm  
Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

ps - the Pea Princess still talks way too much. We're getting used to it.

1/13/2006 11:51:00 pm  
Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

pps - nope, I'm sure I first saw you pg with Oscar - were you working for Jules then??

1/14/2006 12:01:00 am  
Blogger panthergirl said...

I really can. It's so wonderful to find friendships like this...Good for you guys!!

Here via michele today!

1/14/2006 12:17:00 am  
Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Awwww. I'm feelin' it. I'm feelin' it. Guys, you both rawk.

1/14/2006 12:29:00 am  
Blogger Suse said...

It's fun to hear how you met, and about how much you mean to each other.

Sometimes, sentimental is good!

1/16/2006 09:02:00 am  

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