Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The gym thing

As I was sweating out every.single.pore. of my body last night in the Death Star's 'Cardio Theatre' (what the?) on a device called a cross trainer at the , which would have been a wet dream for the sick nutbag dude in Se7en I wondered: - is there actually anyone on the Northern Beaches who would a) be coming to this gym and b)actually choosing to watch the SBS Italian hour? - watching The Simpsons while exercising just seems so very wrong. - I wish the Dark Side had more songs on their music video rotation - watching fat homies singing rap songs just seems weird - that girl is basically wearing a strip of wide elastic - god I'm tired - my feet hurt - my legs hurt - is that sweat coming out of my arms? - cool and so on and so forth. It's no wonder gym junkies are stupid, it's obviously just a matter of time before the internal monologue renders you a village idiot.

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