Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A day in the life...

1) one assignment down, one to go... 2) 3.5 hours sleep, broken into one lot of 2hrs and the other 1.5hrs... 3) an almost four week old who's come over all, yeah yeah I could go to sleep, but hey its so much fun lying here yell yell yelling! 4) a phone call from Oscar's school saying his knee hurts and he's not coping (this is the same knee that hurt on Friday, that involved a trip to the GP who seemed to think it was fine. Me thinks its either related to the plantar wart that may now be infecting his blood or something (melodrama explanation) or that the correction his superlegs are providing are making his joints ache (more probable) or because he's walking weird because of the plantar wart his knee has been thrown out (also in the running) 5) realising I'd have to walk down to collect him as Chef has the car at a meeting to discuss the New Exciting Venture 6) realising if Oscar's knee is out, he won't walk the four blocks home 7) so, to pick up said child from school involved digging out the old double stroller, cleaning it, getting jasper up, who was just waking for a feed, walking down to the school carrying a screaming Jasper and pushing stroller, pushing Oscar home, carrying Jasper who was half sleeping half tring to suck my neck into a big teenage hickie (not that I've ever had one of those. e.v.e.r. I was such a good Christian girl) 8) getting home - Oscar crying as I put new GP-issued weird paste on plantar wart, Jasper screaming for a feed 9) post screaming bliss - one child on lounge eating lollies, pumped full of Panadol and watching Peter Pan, other child having best feed in last 12 hours, a little play, a relatively short scream, and now sleeping, three loads of washing dried and in before the big windy/rainy change blew in, Chef on his way home with orders to collect comfort food for me on the way, a cup of tea, a blog post and then second assignment completed. 10) off to achieve the last part of point 9 now...


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