Monday, November 21, 2005


If its just me who finds the Black Eyed Peas (lead singer Fergie The Urinator. The Whizzing Bandit. The Wet Spot. The Leaky Bladder. The Trouser Golden Shower. The Ninety Year-Old Urethra. with thanks to Go Fug Yourself for putting it so succinctly) latest offering - My Humps - not so much offensive but just the cause of much incredulity. even moreso that its debuted at number 1. Am I just getting old? That it came down to Thunder Thighs over Luber Lips (the PR machine tried to make it out to be a battle of divas). Thunder Thighs (aka Bingo Wings) won in a shining tribute to Charlie's Angels hair, fake eyelashes, excessive make-up and just b-grade talent. Those in Australia know what I'm talking about. Why is the ugliest bra always the most comfortable, the best and most long lasting?


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