Monday, November 07, 2005

Bec's A-Z

Kim had her addictions, and now I'm doing the A-Z via Ivoryfrog and Mar (although I'm loathe to do this now because it pushes the very edible Jasper a little further down the page, so if you're reading this make sure you scroll down to see his delicious Mexican wave!) A= Absent-mindedness, perhaps linked with Alcohol consumption, but for the moment I'll blame Age (38) B= Babies, have had three - am I done yet? C= Chicken rolled in Cumin, grilled and served on Cous Cous... a regular mid-week meal D = Daring, I'm a sucker for a dare E = Elephants, and hoping those silly animal welfare teenaged twats will stop fighting Taronga Zoo and finally let the Thai elephants come out here to their new Enclosure. F = Fanny Uncle Charlie Kate. I was 24 years old before I realised what my Dad the builder had really been saying when he hit his thumb with the hammer. G = Glockenspiel. This has no personal significance whatsoever but there was a gag about one just now on the current Frasier re-run and if I m ever to get to Z I have to grab inspiration where I find it. H = Hair. Mine is terribly long and thick which, strangely enough, is easier to maintain than short hair when your time for personal stuff is as short as mine. I = Isabella, the Evil Twin's middle name, chosen by her adorable big sister, the Pea Princess. J = Joshua Joseph. The year he and the Evil Twin were born he appeared on the front page of a Sunday paper as Joshua was 2002's most popular baby name. K = Kate, Katy, Katy-Cat. Yes. The Pea Princess. L = Love, without which my family would have left me long, long ago. M = Mother, so much of what I am now is in this word. Also, of course, is the person I miss the most. N = No. Do I say it enough? Say it too much? Sigh. O = Octopus. Not for any special reason, just thought the list was getting gloomy and needed a silly word. Go on, say it out loud. P = Professional. Yep, that's me. Also, Parent; that's me too. Puzzled? Aren't we all... Q = Quiet now, the kids are sleeping and if I finish this list before the Prof goes to sleep I just might get lucky. R = Relentless. That's how a lot of my life feels. Hence the urge to blog, I think. S = Silly. That's how this list is Starting to feel - but I'm more than halfway now! T = Tired, tired, tired. Is there anything but that once you've given birth? U = Uncomfortable. My work chair is horribly uncomfortable and I must do something about it. V = Violent. This is how my temper tends to be. Apparently I have a Spanish great grandparent and many Irish ones, can I blame this on cultural stereotypes? In any case, I recommend biting your lip (hard), counting to 10 and/or leaving the room if you have this problem. W = Water. I love it. All my best thinking happens in the shower or the sea. X = Tomorrow I have to have scans and ultrasounds, which are almost like X-Rays. I don't want to think about why just here, just now. Y = Younger mother, sometimes I wish I was one. Z = Zoo. A recent addiction for our family thanks to the fiscal joy of the Zoo Pass! done - off to bed, will add some hyperlinks to make it more interesting tomorrow, and don't forget to scroll down to Kim's boys below! mtc bec


Blogger ribbiticus said...

great a-z list! found you via michele. have read through your posts on this page and i must say i enjoyed myself immensely. :)

11/08/2005 05:08:00 am  
Blogger Kim said...

So missy...what's with the scans? We shall discuss. It'll be nice to focus on someone else for a change!

11/08/2005 09:15:00 am  
Anonymous OldBaz said...

Legitimate euphemisms are completely acceptable in the Building trade protects the young and innocent ...which you were ,of course at ,what age? 24 ,you said?

11/08/2005 08:48:00 pm  

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