Sunday, January 22, 2006

Honey, when a post is titled "sermon" you've gotta expect it's gonna get preachy.

Anyway, you're the one who grew up religious, surely you're used to being lured into a state of belief by pretty imagery by now?

On other, and much more interesting matters, having now had the privilege of cuddling the New Recruit personally, no manner of special behaviour on his part would surprise me. He is a god among babies and all others now pale before him. In fact, I think he's finally cured my "Should I have a fourth?" cluckiness because I know I would not get one as delightful as the lovely Jasper.

Congratulations to you all (including AB) on the bottle triumph. I really do know how Big a Deal that one is!

mtc Bec


Blogger Kim said...

Yeah you're right. Although, even I am STAGGERED by the blatant religious rip-off CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew is. It has actually made me think less of him. That he was that unoriginal he had to just retell the bible using animals.

And I was one of those people that read his 'religious' books as a teenager. Go figure.

The bottle thing - has lifted quite a weight off me, only to be replaced by a BOOKLET of forms to fill in for the NR to go to daycare. I'm yet to fathom why I need to list emergency contacts three times, two in the same place, one page apart. I mean, by the time you have two parents with phone, mobile and email you are teetering on negligence if you can't find one of them. Surely.

1/22/2006 11:27:00 pm  

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