Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hooray, and Eeek, and Ouch.

You're amazing, Kim, and not only because of the whole baby number three being here spontaneously thing (Hooray), and not only because of the oops, waters broken but I have to pick up the kids from school things (Eeek), and not only because of the scar tissue to rival the Western Front thing (Ouch) but also because you can write about it! Quick whinge update here: started work 5.30am and finished 9.15pm... Acronym season is halfway over (apologies for cryptic work reference) but according to a phone call I got late tonight it's just possible the worst is yet to come. Tomorrow will tell. And yet, as I sit here typing, and the fridge motor kicks in and I look up at the space on the corner of the fridge where we used to use whiteboard markers to keep track of who had fed which baby at what time, and as I think of Kim doing two-hourly feeds, and handling growth spurts and never ever really getting a break because this? Is Not Baby Number One... Well, folks, putting it all into perspective, if I could just bring my non-newborn, night-through-sleeping kidlets along with me I would be almost glad to do a 15 hour day at the office!

What else? so proud of my Dad for giving up years and years and years of domestic driftwood today. I wonder if he's read this, where I fess up to an epiphany that had me give away a thing that was taking up space and not doing anything more than generating memories?

By the bye, if you ever wondered about my mtc sign-off, this is also explained here.

And finally, since Thursday is Library Day in our blog's corporate memory, here's a library day thought: if you read a book by consuming a page or two at a time before falling asleep with it over your face, can you really say you've read it? mtc Bec


Anonymous OldBaz said...

A daughter who suffers through an Epiphany is a damn good reason to be proud too, wouldn't you say, Bec?

10/28/2005 07:03:00 pm  
Blogger Carmi said...

Hey Bec. I'm here from Michele's, and I'm glad to be here, as this is one fascinating, never-stop-for-a-second blog. Lots more to read here...must catch up.

10/31/2005 07:22:00 am  

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