Thursday, June 09, 2005

Glamorouse Rouse Routine

As agreed over lunch in the park, between the Harbour and the concrete cancer pylons, here's the Glamorouse Rouse Routine. The Idea being that there's no point being Glam-O-Rouse unless you actually rouse on stuff, you know? Give the world back some of what it's been giving us, try and even up the score a little. Being working mums, and therefore essentially (albeit unhappily) routine-driven, we need a timetable. Thanks to Kim's slightly freakish need for order in small things (think clothes pegs colour-coded to the clothing they peg) we even have a Word Table to help order our thoughts here - but sadly the formatting doesn't show up on Blogger: Monday is Washing Day - time for dirty laundry to be aired, preferably of the silky celebrity variety Tuesday is Nude Day - cos it kind of rhymes, and the idea of a naked news day is way cool Wednesday is Wedding Day - coupling stories of any kind Thursday is Library Day - did you really read that or just the Spectrum book review of it? Friday is Buried Bone Day - what can we bury and how deep can we dig Saturday - best sport scandal – who are assaulted who? Who thought no meant yes this week? What do you mean these little white pills make me run faster? I thought she liked 6 guys at once… Sunday - Philosophy Day - thinking thoughts, whose turn is it to try and use the non-functional what should we have for dinner tonight area of the brain and ponder the greater meaning of life? By my count, today is Thursday, which means Library Day, which I know is true because the last thing I said to my husband this morning as I crept out for an early meeting was "Don't forget it's library today and the Pea Princess' library bag is under my side of the bed".

I confess, I am abusing the Power of the Blog to get myfamily life in order. See how well it's working so far?

mtc on Library Day



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea!

10/27/2005 11:18:00 pm  

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