Wednesday, June 08, 2005

But where did he keep his lighter?

And his cigarettes for that matter... Scratch that: I really don't want to know where he kept the oddments he was still carrying after stripping down like that. Eee-yew. Do you have to wait til CSI has finished before you can disinfect Scary Naked Smoking Man's bum prints from your deck? Just found this which may give you some idea of how to respond the next time you have a SNSM intrusion:
A 26-year-old Chicago man doesn't remember how he ended up naked and beaten by an irate man with a cane, but police think it may have something to do with the LSD-laced marijuana he smoked. Police say Othello Tukes woke up Thursday in a Muncie, Ind., hospital covered in cuts and bruises, after allegedly taking his clothes off and trying to break into two homes.
"He doesn't know how he got naked; he doesn't know what happened," said Muncie Police Deputy Chief Terry Winters.
"He said he doesn't remember anything other than he was smoking marijuana and that it was laced with LSD. And the next thing he remembered he was he was in the hospital."
Police received a 911 call from a home near Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., early in the morning last Wednesday, police say.
"The call came in that there was a naked male attempting to gain entry through a resident's front door," explained Deputy Chief Bob Fey of the Ball State police.
Officers followed footprints through the snow to another residence, where they saw the broken window.
Inside was a naked man lying on the dining room table, being beaten with a cane by the homeowner.


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