Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Horns of A Dilemma - More TomKat musings

Now, I find myself stuck between a good snarky gossip and an ethical dilemma on the whole TomKat thang. The source of my moral confusion is not Tom Cruise's psycho behaviour on Oprah ( intensity-photoblogging-tom-cruise-on-oprah-104673.php) or almost as weird staging of kisses on red carpets and playing chasies with Katie to make sure she stays in shot with him.... No, in this I join with all right-thinking people in saying 'see - I told you he was gay'. It's not the cute Katie quotes about how lucky it is that dreams come true because, quite frankly, they don't and you could just ask her who else was up on her wall to prove the stupidity of that statement. It's not the way actors seem to be going back to the old star system days of PR arranged relationships cos, hey, I work in a kind of related field (dooce alert!) and I can understand how desperate a publicist might be to get either Katie or poor old Tom any kind of coverage alone. Go forth and milk it, I say: prostitute whatever's left of your human emotion and FLOG those films for all they're worth! (For this one I have to go back to Defamer, which really sums it up with the Vampire pic here publicity-junket-with-the-vampire-102519.php) No, no, no, none of this really gives me much grief at all. So having added to the snarky gossip - here's my ethical dilemma. July 1995 Me - 27; Chris - 46. Went out for one drink and DID.NOT.STOP.FUCKING.FOR.THREE.YEARS. And then only because the Pea Princess had arrived and nevereverever slept. Reverting to prude mode and 10 years later we've still got the Discovery Channel on cable, so to speak... So, all I'm saying is, what if it's true?


Anonymous Tony said...

An homage to the Sugar Daddy...

Three years on the job non-stop... (no matter what's gone on since)

19 years older than his wife...

Still able to get some despite being on a crowded houseboat with 8 other people (how I missed that, I'll never know)

Still able to get some on sunday mornings on holidays (yes, Bec, I read every post) despite having 3 kids...

Skinny dipping with child bride while men his age were trying to disguise their colostomy bags...

Shoots up at parties (legally)...

(I'm now pretty sure) Sugar Daddy and Hussy broke the toilet seat at Julie's 40th...

Professor... the men of Australia stand and salute you!

As Debbie Byrne would have put it (post rehab)... "You give (us) hope, to carrrry ooooon."

8/10/2005 05:01:00 pm  
Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Message from the Sugar Daddy to Tony : get a real job and stop cruising women's blogs. Translation of Sugar Daddy's comments : Who the MAN? You betcha I'M the MA-AN!

ps from bec - Hey Tony, you get extra points for using 'an' in front of homage. The lasting benefit of a Christian Brothers Education or just your mum's editing skills at play?

8/10/2005 05:11:00 pm  
Anonymous Tony said...

Yo, dog, you the man for sure.

And Bec, how I hate to disappoint you, but whenever the word "homage" (prefaced by "an") comes to mind these days it's via Ben Affleck trying to weasel out of getting in trouble for doing a low-level flypast of the tower in "Pearl Harbour" by describing it as "an homage" to his commanding officer Jimmy (Alec Baldwin) Doolittle.

See, just when you thought I was showing signs of education/maturity I revert to kind.

(By the way, Prof, what did you think of the parachute hangar scene in Pearl Harbour?).

8/10/2005 08:00:00 pm  

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