Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I love nothing more than the 'oh fuck' moment when you realise you've done something really really bad (to a help desk person that means 'stupid') with technology. Bec - missed your call as I was at my desk for a sum total of 1hr42mins today - God Bless meeting days I say - not every day, but some days, it is nice to not really do work... if you get my drift (as we all know a day of meetings equals a bazillion hours of resultant work) We have been completely stuck in a pasta glut of late - your cumin adventures/revelation make me feel a bit embarrassed about our lack of creativity in the meal department of late. Then Chef bought the CSIRO diet book - dare I say it, it is very good - in that there are recipes - no, real recipes, not something like Weight Watchers in which every recipe involves spray oil - something I have a near religious objection to. Food is still not really doing it for me and you know, after 34 weeks of not cutting it I am a little cranky about it. I reckon I'm incubating a girl because a boy just wouldn't give this sort of grief (I ate like a HORSE with both the boys pregnancies) over such an extended period of time. I had a midwife checkup tonight - you can rest assured there was no discussion of the VVs or pelvic congestion. Wheyhey. I could venture into the delights of raging antibiotic induced thrush but will save that for Obgynorama. But as that seems to be on the wane there is someone who was obviously out of practice walking around with shaggers back today and for once, it wasn't me!


Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

No, no, no! Don't get me wrong - the cumin revelation is good only because it is AS easy as pasta. And I am so far from you in recent years of gourmanding that I have to take any chance I get to prove my foodie cred...

9/07/2005 10:38:00 pm  

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