Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A true friend (she'll get the pun)

While we reel from our latest bout of childcare disasters, a sparkling moment today when a true true friend brought her lovely little boy over and looked after the terrible two for a few hours so we could both make an appearance at work. In the interest of thinking kindly of my short people, I'm recording her reaction to them, here:
you have the most wonderful, generous, very bright kids and even though they want to kill each other occasionally, they're still reasonable!! i just wanted to say that i had fun today and i hope the kids did too. my favourite memory is in the last 10 mins before chris came, we stomped down the hallway, a la pied piper, singing, "fruit salad yummy yummy" and even A, who brought up the rear, was stomping and singing along. it was a perfect memory. you need wholemeal bread as they all had a vegemite sandwich. also, there are only two bananas left. i brought one with me for A - despite this, a banana monster was apparently set loose for when i turned around, bang, the bowl was nearly empty. they ate bananas, apple, tangelo, sultanas (i brought them, hope that's ok), a vegemite sandwich, and a partridge in a pear tree

See: the next time I feel like selling them, I can at least be sure of getting a decent price.




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