Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Last Thursday, on meltdown day, a woman sitting on the window side of a seat on the bus, leant across the man sitting next to her and offered me a seat. He of course jumped up, and apologised that he hadn't realised 'my condition'. So you can imagine my relief that the reason all those misogynistic bastards and skanky bitches who live on the Northern Beaches not offering to stand for me on the bus is not due to some moral highground that if I got myself pregnant I can damn well pay for it by standing for an hour plus commute each way every day, it's not because of their natural predisposition to their character descriptors, its merely because they just think I'm fat. What a head slapping moment of realisation that was.


Blogger Dutch said...

The only guys who have an excuse are guys whose wives or girlfriends have never been pregnant. I was pretty clueless before my wife got pregnant and I probably just didn't "look" at women getting on the bus to see this, but once she did, I made sure that I never let it happen. And now that our baby has been born, I still look to make sure every time the bus stops and I have a seat and those getting on would be forced to stand.

7/15/2005 03:31:00 pm  

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