Monday, July 04, 2005

For every bad sad thought...

There has to be a positive one. Right? So here goes... - Oscar is talking more and more - and its divine. - Felix and Oscar are relentless at giving me cuddles, telling me how much they love me and as Felix says, "Mummy, you're as pretty as a swan and a princess." And after my various meltdowns over the last week, "Mummy, you're as pretty as a swan and a princess and a unicorn." - Friday and/or Saturday nights at home, with the boys, after a dinner of our favourite pasta and yummy dessert, settling in with pillows, doonas and each other for a video before bed. I love these times more than anything. - Oscar or Felix coming into our bed anywhere between 2-4 in the morning and snuggling in to me before going back to sleep. - Watching them grow up and their personalities shine like the brightest of beacons in the foggiest of nights. - Feeling the incubus kick and squirm all.the.time and the growing excitement at it joining these boys on the most remarkable journey of discovery. - Baking. Anytime, anywhere. - and... (once more with feeling please)


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