Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pelvic congestion

It is official. Apparently I have 'a lot of pelvic congestion'. What a legacy. The incubus has decided to burrow into my pelvis. The upshot of this is that I need to wee every hour, and every hour its about a teaspoon of relief. It also means that doing a poo requires the focus and mis-guided focus you apply to trying to squeeze icing out of a small hole you've cut in a bag to make all manner of amazing kids birthday cakes. I imagine my fecal matter feels about the same as that poor icing does. It also means. . . Vulval varicose veins. I believe I'm setting a new standard for this blog.


Anonymous Tony said...

OK, thanks (and I mean that, sincerely). Now I can get back to work.
Love your work Bec and Kim.

8/10/2005 03:17:00 pm  

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