Friday, June 17, 2005

Putting the nuts into peanut butter

Yeah, well, that is just plain wrong-headed, lady. The notion that you would plan ahead to use one of the world's most convenient foods goes way beyond matching-clothes-peg-therapy. Most importantly, however, and perhaps the main cause of my bitch on this one, is the idea that a jar of peanut butter, even the mega family size, could last long enough to warrant the modern preserving miracle of refrigeration! Not one of my children can distinguish between the four syllables of peanut butter; it's like they exhale the word then inhale the product. They will also eat peanut butter toast slathered with honey over the top. mmm. While I'm at it: I'll confess to a thing for iceberg lettuce spread with peanut butter and rolled up but only when I was a contrary teenager. While googling various peanut butter storage rules just now I came across the following combinations which are still making my teeth feel crumbly:
  1. peanut butter and dill pickles
  2. peanut butter under grilled cheese
  3. peanut butter and bananas
  4. peanut butter and raisins
  5. peanut butter AND bananas AND raisins AND honey
  6. peanut butter and cold chicken (likened in the instructions to a leftover chicken satay... I think NOT)

There may be worse: if you've got one, I say bring it on and let's see just how vile this PB drama can be!



PS - Happy Birthday AB!


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