Tuesday, June 21, 2005

not just another scrotal abrasion...

I asked a friend the other day, "has the world gone mad", to which he replied without even missing a beat, "the world is mad". The cause for our discussion on such big-picture things was the story that a man in South Africa had died while trying to eat his wife, after stabbing her to death infront of their two daughters. Talk about revenge from the grave... While it doesn't completely play the part of a Nude Tuesday story, embelishing the tale to say so just heightens the drama don't you think?While my normal sensibilities are stunned that someone could a) do this and b)do it in front of their chidldren, my amoral GenX makeup mean my favourite aspect of this tragedy has to be the police officer's comments, "We do get a lot of domestic violence cases, but not to the extent that it goes as far as cannibalism." That and pondering what part of his wife's face he was eating caused him to choke to death. Something about nose cartiledge appeals here. But I know, he wasn't nude so it doesn't count. So, further to my GenX programming, I found this: 06/16/1118869026227.html Now, if breakdancing wasn't funky enough, why not do it naked I say. It opens a whole new world of remakes for Flashdance, Fame, and Emilio's stoned dance sequence in The Breakfast Club.Mike Keat of dance-cabaret-comedy act (isn't that concept enough to send you to Hillsong for some soul purifying) the Cuban Brothers, confesses to "a few scrotal abrasions", but rest assured, "I don't always go nude. It's kind of a reward if they've been a good audience." Wow, there's an incentive to clap till your hands fall off. And a late entry for Saturday's Best Sport Scandal or indeed yesterday's Washing Day here is a delightful morsel, again from the SMH... 06/17/1118869100184.html One can only imagine the scrotal abrasions from such shenanigans...


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