Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I love a survey

I got this from Aginoth who got it from other people... What is your favorite...? Gum: Wrigley's Big Red cinamon flavour Restaurant: Pazzo on Crown Street, Sydney Drink: Tonic with a wedge of lime Season: Spring Type of weather: sunny, crisp air Emotion: restless Thing to do on a half day: sleep Late-night activity: blog surfing when I should be sleeping Sport: AFL City: Sydney for its blue skies, remarkable harbour and the fact it's home. Store: the Internet - where I can dream of all the things I could buy if we won lotto. When was the last time you...? Cried: yesterday, watching Seabiscuit Played a sport: are you kidding? I HATE team sports. Laughed: this morning Hugged someone: this morning Kissed someone: this morning Felt depressed: it's a daily thing Felt elated: Jasper being placed on my tummy Felt overworked: every single day Faked sick: can't remember. Normally am battling enough illnesses brought home by the germ buckets not to have to fake it. Lied: night before last when I told Felix I'd be up (to their room) soon. What was the last...? Word you said: Bye guys - as the male contingent of the house left for school and a meeting Thing you ate: a Nice biscuit dipped in my tea Song you listened to: Powerderfinger - Love Your Way Thing you drank: cup of tea Movie you saw: FairyTale: a true story Movie you rented: Intolerable Cruelty Concert you attended: Felix's Christmas concert Who was the last person you...? Hugged: Jasper Cried over: Oscar Kissed: Chef Danced with: Oscar Shared a secret with: Chef Had a sleep over with: Chef! Called: The tax office Went to a movie with: Chef Saw: Jasper Were angry with: Chef Couldn't take your eyes off of: Jasper Have you ever...? Danced in the rain: Yes Kissed someone: Yes - of course! Done drugs: Sort of Drank alcohol: Yes, but nowhere near as much as I used to Slept around: Almost Partied 'til the sun came up: Yes, but didn't really enjoy it. I love sleep. Had a movie marathon: I always have good intentions. Gone too far on a dare: No Spun until you were immensely dizzy: Of course! Taken a survey quite like this before: Naturally.


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